10 Advertising Resolutions for 2021


I am not one to make a lot of New Year’s resolutions, but here are a few thoughts for your advertising in the coming year:


  1. At least once in 2019, make a guarantee with some teeth. A real one, not a fluffy one.  You’re on time or it’s free.  It works or you get a new one, no questions asked.  Buy from us and you get repairs for free – for as long as you have it. This will help separate you from your competitors.
  2. Ban the words “best”, “greatest”, “cheapest”, “lowest prices ever”, “Number 1”, and “for all your (blank) needs” from your advertising. Forever.
  3. Resolve that what is in an ad is more important that where it is placed or who hears, sees, or reads it.  Make it about the prospect and what is important to them.
  4. Understand that advertising is about selling stuff – not branding, engagement, likes, clicks or awards.
  5. Spend enough to get the job done.  Be bold and make it happen.
  6. Trust your advisors.  While there are a few exceptions, most people I know in marketing and advertising are decent and honest.  Let them help you.
  7. Advertise as if no one has ever heard of you.  Truth is, even if you have been around for years, many have not.
  8. Assume your competitors are good at what they do.  Because they are.
  9. Take some risks with your copy. Push the envelope a little. Don’t have all your ads sound or look like everyone else’s ads
  10. Deliver what you promise. Better yet, over-deliver. Nothing is worse for a customer than not finding what was promised in your advertising. If you have to, keep it simple and small….but WOW them when they contact you.

Have a great year!

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