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P1000956I have lived in media, advertising, and marketing all of my working life. Fascinated by radio at an early age, I landed my first job in the industry while still in high school at a small town station in Ontario, Canada. Rising quickly to Afternoon Host and Music Director, I soon moved to the prairies for more adventures. After a few more years on air,  I was drawn to the world of advertising and marketing and learning about why people do the things they do.  I was successful because I understood that advertising was about selling more stuff for my client. The only metric that really mattered was the number of times the bell rang on the cash till.

During the past 4 decades, I have helped hundreds of clients develop better advertising and make better connections with their customers.  I have  presented keynote presentations on how to build great ads and ad campaigns, and have voiced so many radio and TV commercials, corporate narrations, and phone messages, I’ve lost count!

Still, a few years back I found myself looking for more and, as many of us do as we age, I wanted to give back and have more personal meaning in what I did everyday.  An opportunity to oversee the marketing, communications and public relations of the Regina Humane Society presented itself and I jumped at it and, what was supposed to be a one year term, has stretched to almost seven years as I write this.  It has been an interesting journey – the animal welfare industry is very complex, emotional and ever changing. It’s a lot of work, but rewarding.  I often joke that I moved to a job where I work twice as hard for half the money!  But, while I have seen some very sad and tragic things, most days are filled with wonderful stories of resilience, kindness and caring.

I still dabble in voice work, mostly for a local pet store, but every now and then I do some work for other companies and agencies from my small home studio.  I have done voice work for the likes of the U.S. Army, Sask Tel, Broadway Bank (Texas), Goodwill of Central Texas, 87 Agency (Paris, France), PHD, Locke Bryan Productions, Enroll.us and many more.  I have also gain a lot of experience and insight into business and people serving on corporate boards, ranging from a child care facility to a flight school, and one of Canada’s top 10 Credit Unions with close to $1 billion (at the time) in assets under management.

I have been a private pilot since the mid-1990’s and serve as a search and rescue pilot with the Canadian Civil Air Search and Rescue Association.

My purpose for this website is to promote my voicework but also to serve as a place to record my thoughts and ideas about our world and our collective experiences.  At times, I talk about my personal view on a particular topic, simply share a photo or experience I had or learn about the experiences, thoughts and ideas of others.  It is built for fun rather than commercial purposes, but I am always curious and interested as to where it goes.

I hope you enjoy what you find here, always.

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